Your Board

Pride of our Footscray Ltd is managed on behalf of its shareholders by a board of six talented & experienced Directors. Three men, three women. Three heterosexual, three homosexual.

Mathew O'Keefe | Director & Chief Bar Officer (CEO) | | 0417 219 899 | Mat was at Carlton & United Breweries from 2002 to 2017 before becoming integral in the establishment of Pride of our Footscray. Lives in Footscray, works in Footscray & barracks for Footscray (Doggies). Jessica McGiffin | A senior scientist no less, Jess will help run the business whilst ensuring the footy and rugby are shown at the bar. Shane Bridges | Director | A lifetime in hospitality, media & sales. Has managed bars, owned bars and sold bars. Pauline Diano | Director | A specialist in the planning & delivery of high risk, high value IT projects. Maggie O'Keefe | Director & Company Secretary | Involved in the administration and delivery of projects for over 5 years. Lives in Footscray and barracks for Footscray (Doggies). Faizan Ali | Director & Accountant | An accountant at work, a philosopher at home.



Pride of our Footscray Ltd

Built by Community

This journey started out with Mat & Shane believing a friendly bar part-owned by a few people could act as a community space and be enjoyed by all. When they put the idea out there, they were overwhelmed with support and when Beat magazine mentioned the idea, things went crazy. To include everyone who wanted to be involved, a public company had to be formed and the rest is history, with nearly 200 people becoming shareholders. Truly the community bar will be community built.