The Bar

The Pride aims to establish an intelligent & vibrant community space, that celebrates the best of the neighbourhood and the best of humanity.  Grab a drink and settle in for something different.

In Footscray

The Pride  will be established in Footscray, a historic yet rapidly developing precinct just 5 kms west of the Melbourne CBD.  Footscray lacks for vey little, particuarly colour & diversity.

"Everyone's Local"

The Pride wants the venue to provide a friendly, safe and stimulating space for people across the community. Old or young.  Barrister or Barista.  Artist or Footballer.  5th generation or 5th day.


The Pride wants the venue to encapsulate all that is great about Melbourne’s Inner West, particularly it's people, art, performers, food and beer.  There is almost nothing we can't source locally.

Join the Pride

Join over 170 Shareholders of The Pride and enjoy twice yearly Shareholder functions and beverage discounts.  A bar with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of owners stands to be an asset for many years.

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